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Vehicle Diagnostics

At Powells of Ripon Ltd we pride ourselves in automotive diagnostics.

As manufacturers compete with each other for performance, economy and gadgetry as well as abiding by each new European emission standard we inevitably end up with system and component failures.
An infinite range of faults can bring on Engine management, ABS, Traction Control and many more warning lights.

Contrary to popular belief, automotive diagnostics aren't as simple as plugging a machine into the car to reveal the fault. A wealth of tools, equipment, manufacturer specific technical information and training is required to effectively diagnose where the failure has occurred.

We are also pleased to offer supercar diagnostics from our recent investment with TEXA UK Ltd.

Our Comprehensive Diagnostic Services

Bosch Service Centre

At Powells of Ripon Ltd as part of the Bosch Service Network we are required to be involved at all times with diagnostic training for all manufacturers.
Bosch components are integrated into all manufacturers from engine control units to all types of sensors and actuators.

This leaves us in an position to diagnose all makes and models, efficiently and accurately, under cutting the costs of many dealerships that replace part after part accumulating unnecessarily high costs.

Our range of equipment includes diagnostic equipment from Bosch, Texa, Snap-on, Autodiagnos, Ford Jaguar Land Rover Mazda IDS, VAG-COM and VCDS, Picoscope and many more.
We have smoke testers to check for air leaks, emissions testing for fuel mixture, high and low pressure fuel system testers and oscilloscopes for all purposes.

We can also analyse fuel and oil samples.